& Quantum Computing




Supercapacitors are devices that could herald a revolution in energy storage. However, supercapacitors are currently not competitive with battery technology due to their low energy density. Graphene (an atom thick sheet of carbon) has high specific area that could enable large performance increases in the energy density of supercapacitors. However, the potential of graphene is limited by the agglomeration of individual nano-sheet substituents. We are developing a new way of modifying graphene to maximize its utility in increasing energy density in supercapacitor technology. 

Quantum Computing

The major challenge inhibiting quantum computing currently is that the physical hardware encasing quantum bits are subject to environmental noise and perturbations. We propose a new method to substantially increase the physical stability of quantum bits to tackle the problem of decoherence. We took a major step to realizing this goal by synthesizing the first entirely organic material that can inhabit ferromagnetic and semiconducting properties simultaneously at room temperature.

Global Good is supporting our research through their mixed Biotechnology laboratory. In return for their non-dilutive support, we have agreed to their “Global access terms”. Global Good has non-exclusive licensing rights for use cases relating to the World-Bank's list of low and middle-income countries. 


The Global Good Fund is the world’s largest investor in inventions for the benefit of the poorest three billion people on the planet.  Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Asset Trust and operating in coordination with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Good utilizes philanthropic funds to incubate and develop market driven companies.


Thiel Fellow 

Stanford University